Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Joy Boy's room is finally done...I know, I know. He IS three months old but, I'm a busy mama! Plus, why worry about readying a nursery that won't be used for awhile anyway because doesn't baby sleep in mom and dad's room for the first few months? The first night we did our routine, final bottle, rock to sleep, swaddle, passi, kisses, bed. Babe and I climbed into bed together, alone for the first time in months. Joy Boy did fine until about 3am. The rest of the night I spent crawling out bed to fumble around in the dark trying to find his passi and pop it back in his mouth only to awaken 45 minutes later to the same thing. The next morning I decided that he just had to get used to his oh-so-cute red and white checked sheets. Night two was the same thing, until about 6am when I brought him into our room and put him in his pack-n-play. He slept until 9! Night three (last night) I only lasted until 1am. After he woke up I brought him into our room and he slept soundly until 8:30. I don't know if he is lonely or misses the sound of his daddy snoring or what but I won't be taking the Pack-n-play down for awhile!

When we moved the twins into their room they did great...but they sure weren't lonely, they had each other. Just goes to show you that everyone is different...even babies!

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  1. No judgement here! My first born didn't move out of my room until he was like 2 1/2! Phew, what a handful!
    The second child was moved at 1 year, mostly b/c the first child wanted his company in his room!

    And I'm still working on the first year photo album for my 18 month old. :)